$3 million mansion on Pope Ave


While there was transition of the “spiritual” power in the Bethany Slavic Missionary church, pastors’ children were selling million dollar houses.

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At the end of last year, representatives of the Bethany Slavic Missionary church in Sacramento announced the process of transition of “spiritual” power within the congregation. According to this decision, the senior pastor of the largest Russian-speaking religious community in the US is now pastor Ivan Gavrilyuk, who took this post after “bishop” Adam Bondaruk had been leading the congregation for more than three decades.

Dozens of pastors from different states of America flocked to the ceremony of transition of power. Bishop Sergei Khomich serving on the Board of Directors at the Slavic Union of Evangelical Christian of Faith arrived as well. The aged “bishop” Adam Bondaruk also appeared in the church. As Slavic Sacramento reported earlier, the Pentecostal leader had survived COVID-19. And staying among the parishioners during the ceremony of transition of power he looked rather poor. At some moment, Adam Bondaruk even had to leave the worship hall…

Luxurious million dollar mansion on the Pope avenue

While in the infamous church the ordination of pastor Ivan Gavrilyuk was taking place, “Slavic Sacramento” received information about the sale of a luxurious mansion belonging to the son of the former church administrator, pastor Nikolay Feitser. We are talking about the sale of a luxury mansion located next to the golf club on Pope Ave.

However, some background first. 

For a long time, the administrator of the church, Nikolay Feitser, was the head of the administrative department, as well as a rather shameful developer in the Sacramento region. In particular, several years ago he and his son Nick had to explain in the mayor’s office of the town of Loomis, why their workers destructed the vegetation of the protected area without the appropriate permission of the local administration.

As it’s known, Nikolay Feitser passed away in October 2019 at the age of 69.

The mansion we are talking about is 7.5 thousand square feet and has 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a swimming pool, boudoir, and … a wine room. It also has a small vineyard and an extensive golf course nearby.

The architecture of the two-story mansion is complemented by a castle tower, spacious balconies, luxurious fireplaces, spiral staircases, patios, seating areas, and so on and so forth.

According to official records of the Sacramento County administration, the million dollar mansion belongs to Paul Feitser.

The mansion was being sold for 3 million dollars by Ben Bondaruk, son of “Bishop” Adam Bondaruk.

Numerous trials, violations and a tragic accident at a construction site

In addition to numerous lawsuits, license revocations and use of illegal labor, Paul Feitser’s company Feitser Homes once even faced a tragic accident during the construction of a house for sale on Pope Ave.

As it was found out in the California Department of Labor, during the construction of residential real estate, one of the workers fell down from a 3-meter ladder and was injured. As a result of this accident, Feitser’s construction company was fined $18,000 and ordered to instruct employees on safety precautions before the work shift.

Slavic Sacramento previously reported on a civil lawsuit filed in the Sacramento Superior Court against Ben Bondaruk and Paul Feitser, who were accused of unethical business by American families. In particular, the family of the Petersons accused Bondaruk of making false and misleading statements, including regarding repairs about the brand new house – in other words, hiding the truth from them. Feitser was accused of building a house that did not meet the Residential Building Standards set forth in California Civil Code.

While the realtor Ben Bondaruk paid off about $22 000 as the compensation to the plaintiffs, Feitser keeps denying his wrongdoings in case with Petersons.

In addition, as Slavic Sacramento informed, Ben Bondaruk’s brother, Pyotr Bondaruk, went to jail for his participation in the real estate fraud. He has to spend about 3 years behind bars in a federal prison.

Ruslan Gurzhiy, SlavicSac.com