West Sacramento Police gets Slavic officers

“If I take someone to jail and later find a bag of drugs in the car, I can make a reasonable assumption that it was his drugs.”

I asked the intern whether he is afraid of a gun pointed at him.

“Who isn’t?”, smirks Kinda. “If I am shot at, I will take appropriate measures and shoot back. This is what we are trained for.”

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Police work is not just writing fines, catching car thieves and shooting criminals. Back at the station we pass dozens of cubicles where officers write reports at the end of their shift.
“Alexey is busy now: he got a report of sexual assault on a child. He is going to sit together with the person who filed the case and then decide what to do next based on the information he receives.”

What makes them serve in the police?

Why do people work in the police? What makes people like Eugene, Alexei and Andrey serve the community wearing a gun and a badge?

“You never know what the day holds for you, and I probably wouldn’t be able to do the same thing again and again”, says the Russian Sergeant sitting at the computer in his office. “I like talking to people, I like going on patrol, I like working with my guys – the traffic cops, those who you don’t want to see in your rear view mirror. If they are flashing the lights, then you broke some rules! I am proud of my Slavic colleagues. And I finally will be able to redirect to them some of the calls I get from the Russian community!”

According to Sergeant Roger Kenney, the new Russian-speaking officers will soon be patrolling West Sacramento streets on their own.

“If they see a violation, they will stop the driver. If he has some valid excuse – I don’t know, maybe he is trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital or something – he may get away with a warning. But if he does not care, if he thinks we are just picking at him for no reason, then we will probably have to teach him a lesson with a fine.”

According to Sacramento police chief, the crime level in the state capital has been on the rise for the past six months. At the same time just across the river, in West Sacramento, the number of crimes has been declining. A great part in that, I am sure, is played by our compatriots in the police.

Ruslan Gurzhiy, SlavicSac.com | Photo: MilaStudio