A suicide surge among the Slavic immigrant community of Sacramento


Following the suicide of Pentecostal Bishop Adam Bondaruk last year, several more cases were discovered among the Slavic immigrants of Sacramento. At least one of the tragic cases was reported in the family of an elderly Dmitry Tkachuk, who, according to official information, had a long history of suffering from depression. Another case is a young girl from the Slavic immigrant community.


Case of Dmitry Tkachuk

On January 24, 2023, 80-year-old Dmitry Tkachuk, who lived in Sacramento, committed suicide by hanging himself in his garage, according to the Sacramento county coroner’s office. His death followed 5 months after the controversial suicide of Adam Semenovich Bondaruk, a well-known religious figure in the Slavic immigrant community, Bishop of the Union of Evangelical Christians and former senior pastor of the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church.

“The deceased was an 80 year old male with a history of depression. On January 24, 2023, he was found hanging at his residence. An examination confirmed the cause of death. No suspicious circumstances we found,” says the coroner’s report, which Slavic Sacramento obtained.

As noted in the official statement of Sacramento Metro Fire, whose team arrived at the scene, the deceased “was found in the garage by his wife.”

It is reported that CPR was carried out, but the man could not be brought back to life.

Tkachuk was buried at the Sylvan Cemetery District in Sacramento, Ca.

Case of Iuliana Babina

Not only the elderly voluntarily take their own lives, but also the youth. Аt least one such case among Slavic youth, recorded on December 13, 2022 by the Sacramento county coroner office, became known to Slavic Sacramento.

The deceased girl was only 24 years old. The coroner’s report noted that she was “never married” and “hanged herself”:

“She was found hanging by the rope in her living room. An investigation was completed and by this office as well as Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department which resulted in no concerns for suspicious circumstances or foul play. Based on the circumstances and cause of death, the manner will be listed as Suicide.”

Iulina Babina is buried at the Quiet Haven Memorial Park cemetery, which belongs to the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church.

Case of Levan Mukha

Another case that possibly falls into the category of suicide is that of 38-year-old Levon Mucha, who, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire, was found dead at the scene of a fire in the Elverta area on February 7 after an alleged confrontation with police. 

According to the fire department, the police officers who arrived at the scene could not enter the house because of the massive fire, and also because the man who had locked himself inside the house was reportedly firing a firearm. Firefighters had to use the oncoming fire technique to clear the way for the rescuers.

Eventually, fire teams managed to break through the flames and extinguish the fire. They found the body of a man who set fire to the dwellings while in one of its rooms.

Experts believe that the deceased was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Mental issues of the deceased are also considered.

Levon’s body was buried in the church cemetery Quiet Haven Memorial Park, where Bishop Adam Bondaruk and Iulina Babina were buried last year. However, information about the final cause of Levon’s death has not yet been published.

Ruslan Gurzhiy, SlavicSac.com