Belarusian Community in America addresses President Biden to help Ukrainians


Аddress by Semyon Sharetsky concerning the situation in Ukraine

Dear Ukrainian brothers!           

I, Semyon Sharetsky, the last acting Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus of the 13th convocation and one of the co-founders of the Belarusian-American non-profit organization “Global Belarus”, am addressing you in these difficult times. And, on behalf of the said organization and myself, I express my sincere sympathy and support.    

As the son of a deceased father during the Great Patriotic War (part of  the WWII), while defending our then great country – the Soviet Union, it hurts me to realize that among our other fraternal people, the Russians, a newly-minted “Fuhrer” appeared, who officially declared in 2014 about the talent of Hitler’s ideologist Goebbels. And, today he is encroaching on the sovereignty of a neighboring state inhabited by people friendly to us, the Belarusians and the Russians.         

At the same time, it is even more painful for us, Belarusians, to realize that in this crime Putin is supported by the dictator who usurped power in the Republic of Belarus. The person, who in November 1995 openly declared his adherence to the Nazi order, and whose hands are in the blood of Belarusian patriots killed on his instructions.       

Today, such systems, which the Belarusian dictator then announced, already exist in every Belarusian locality as well as in Russia, after Putin came to power and have been ruling for more than 20 years.        

Therefore, both of those “Fuhrers” cannot watch indifferently in neighboring Ukraine which has democracy, where elections, including presidential ones, are held at the dates prescribed by law and with Presidents’ turnover.        

We, representatives of the Belarusian community, addressing to the President of the United States Mr. Joe Biden and the Congressmen with a request to take the most efficient measures to provide even more effective assistance to the Ukrainian people, who are fighting for the freedom and independence of their Motherland, as well as to restrain those two presumptuous dictators who are challenging the civilized world until they involve all humankind into a new world war as their idols, Hitler and Goebbels, did in their time with the connivance of the world community.

Glory to Ukraine!

Long Live Belarus!

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