Russian-speaking pastor from Everett, WА dies after contracting COVID-19


Pastor of the Harvest Christian Center Church (Everett, Wa.), Nikolai Kulakevich died as a result of the fight against COVID-19. His wife Renata Kulakevich wrote about this on their joint Facebook page.

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As previously reported, Nikolai Kulakevich was admitted to intensive care with suspected COVID-19 and pneumonia.

“Nikolai is still in intensive care, oxygen is below 90. He cannot speak yet, the body is very tired, oxygen is being supplied at 100. But the nurse said that the situation was getting better, the tests were better. Thank God!” – reported the pastor’s wife on July 14. “For almost two weeks Nikolai has been in the hospital, covid, pneumonia. I know that there will be annoying questions about vaccinations. No, there was no vaccination, because he always had some challenges with his health. Immunity was weak. They did not want to worsen an already difficult situation… The situation is very difficult, please support us in your prayers.”

At a church service last Sunday, one of the ministers of the church, Vladimir Perekopsky, said about the “bad condition” of Pastor Nikolai. According to him, some church members are sick with coronavirus.

The date of Kulakevich’s funeral has not yet been announced.

In October 2017, Slavic Sacramento reported that Nikolai Kulakevich was hospitalized from a cruise ship in the Caribbean, where the pastor suffered a stroke. Then, with the help of the GoFundme website, church members announced a fundraising. As a result, over $100 000 were collected for the clergy’s treatment. Then his life was saved.