How Belarusian immigrant built up a successful transportation business in California


In 2002, a native of Belarus Nick Yarmolyuk founded the transportation and logistics company Divine Enterprises Inc., which provides long-haul transportation services in the United States. Over the years, Divine Enterprises has become a reliable source of transportation for companies throughout the Continental United States, and is specifically recognized on the West Coast. Among the company’s clients are giants of the technology, food, automotive and pharmaceutical businesses. By providing customer-oriented services, focusing on customer needs and applying strong principles of integrity, Divine Enterprises has grown into a versatile transportation service company, providing not only logistics and transportation services, but also heavy-duty truck, trailer repair and related services.

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According to the founder and CEO at Divine Enterprises, Nick Yarmolyuk, over two decades of its existence, the company has gained a reputation as a sustainable and reliable source of transportation with a high level of safe working conditions for the employees. The Company currently has about 150 employees, of which over 80 are drivers. Now, as Divine Enterprises is growing, it is actively inviting Class A drivers, accountants, dispatchers, freight brokers, owner operators; the company can provide professional training for candidates who don’t have enough experience for any position.

As Nick Yarmolyuk says – “Our top priority is to provide the best client-oriented services, to maximize efficiency in safety and security, to develop and implement new ways to stay a competitive partner that you can trust and count on, with constant intention to improve and expand. We are ready to become your one-call solution for many years, regardless of the challenge.”  These words reflect his personal attitude to his business, employees and partners.

Former US Army veteran Dave Golecki has been with the company for 4 years. Dave has just received additional benefits for safe driving and on-time goods delivery. Dave travels across America together with his four-legged friend, boxer-dog Rayder, delivering a wide variety of goods. He picked up the pup at one of the truck stops two years ago. Now Dave and Rayder are inseparable friends and companions: while Dave dines at a roadside restaurant, talks to clerks in the office or takes a shower, the two-year-old boxer guards the truck.

“The Company is great to work for” says Dave Golecki. – They always have a load for me. I never worry about sit-time or anything like that. If I do have to sit, the company takes care of it… Pay is very comparable to the market. I earn enough money to provide for family and everything. So I’m very happy. ”

Divine Enterprises has got recognition at the government level for its professional, reliable and conscientious attitude to business – governmental authorities and agencies choose Divine for cooperation.

Divine Enterprises is a member of the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition. One of the signs of the reliability of a transport and logistics company is the trust of pharmaceutical companies, because the transportation of medicines requires strict adherence to temperature stability. And Divine Enterprises takes pride in providing services to some of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. All the Company’s refrigeration units are equipped with state-of- the-art devices that continuously track and record real-time temperature reading and analytics, engine condition and engine fault monitoring.

Divine Enterprises is one of the few United States companies that has certificates confirming business management standards, quality and security of services: TAPA, ISO-9001, GDP, US EPA Smartway into Group #1 by g/mile PM produced and g/tm NOx produced; and Group #2 by g/mile CO2 produced.

Divine Enterprises also has considerable experience in the “Hazmat market segment”. The Company operates within the most stringent security guidelines to stay in compliance with the National Industrial Security Program for Hazmat classified material which makes Divine Enterprises the most trustworthy carrier. 

American road and highway veteran Richard McMillan has been a driver for about 9 years. He mainly transports pharmaceutical goods that require special attention during transportation. Usually, Richard is involved in the transportation of goods along the West Coast – from Southern California to Oregon.

“I enjoy working for this company,” says Richard McMillan, “the atmosphere here is very friendly, employees are always ready to participate in solving problems that arise on the road.”

Last year, Richard received a certificate for safe driving from Divine Enterprises – MacМillan drove over 400 thousand miles without incidents or accidents.

For a growing business, it is not enough just to work well and professionally, at the same time it’s necessary to look into the future, therefore Divine Enterprises invests in the trending technologies. Every two – three years, the Company renews its fleet of trucks, and now Divine Enterprises is planning to acquire electric trucks and its infrastructure is fully prepared for this – the power grid is equipped with Tesla solar panels, which fully supply electricity to the Divine terminal.

Caring for the environment

Also Divine Enterprises flawlessly adheres to all air pollution regulations in California, which is known for its strictest regulations in the United States. The Company developed and implemented a driver award program for the Fuel Efficiency achievements. Through this program and updated equipment, the Company reduced fleet-wide fuel consumption, which directly translates to CO2 emission reduction. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is gradually becoming a priority for many companies that are caring about protecting the environment.

A few words should be said about Divine Enterprises’ new transport terminal, built from scratch in the Sacramento region several years ago. On the territory of 5 acres, there is a transport hub with parking for 50 trucks and personal parking for drivers; a warehouse, an office building, a dispatch room and a truck-repair shop. A comfortable lounge and shower are open for drivers 24/7.

Elena Kuznetsova,