Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Discover America by Inventing an Electric Motorbike


STARTUP.NETWORK, an international investment platform from Kiev, is once again visiting the USA with a presentation of innovations of Eastern European technological designs. This time, the organizers have visited Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with a team of start-ups.

As reported by a correspondent from the portal RuHollywood, a “Battle of the Startups” was held in a series of US cities from October 23 to November 1, in which young companies from America, Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Korea presented their inventions in an effort to conquer the American market of business, technology, and innovation.

The professional network of venture capital and crypto-industry from Ukraine has already become the organizers of an investment “crusade” for the third time. This year they visited New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In California, where the marathon ended, European entrepreneurs presented several innovations using crypto and block chain technology, as well as other revolutionary developments from Ukrainian startups.

For example, during the Battle of the Startups in Los Angeles, the company DelFast presented an electric bike, which, according to its developers, is able to reach up to 50 miles per hour, whereas comparable designs in the competition could only reach 30-40 mph.

Furthermore, the range of the DelFast electric bike goes up to 236 miles (380 km). By those parameters, the Ukrainian invention exceeds the specifications of a Tesla 3 automobile, which can travel 220 miles on one charge. Thanks to its technical features, the invention of the Ukrainians not only made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, but also led to the specific interest of the American business community, and consequently, investors. As was noted at the start-up competition, the Delfast company intends to become the “Tesla” of motorcycle manufacturers.

Unlike traditional motorcycles or mopeds, the uniqueness of this type of transportation lies in the fact that electric motorbikes are the ideal means of transport for couriers, since these vehicles are highly maneuverable and don’t pollute the environment.

The basic model of the electric bike sells for $4,600, while a top model goes for $7,000.

As the electric bike’s developer Danil Tonkopi told RuHollywood, the idea for his creation originally arose from the demand for quick delivery of goods from internet stores. Now, thanks to its technical features, the electric bike could successfully be used by the police, for example.

Yet another start-up from Ukraine, Protect-My-Bike, proposed to completely resolve the unpleasant problem of bike theft. Achieving this involves an integrated approach: Hidden in the frame, a new generation tracker with a 7-8 year battery, in coordination with the police. This will be a kind of “Lo-Jack for bikes.”

“I was glad for the chance to present my company at the Battle Of The Startups in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Right after the presentation two members of the jury expressed willingness to invest in our company. The next day we met with one of them and struck a deal for part of the necessary investment. Battle Of The Startups is an excellent way to present your company to American investors, and if your business model merits attention, then they will respond immediately,” said Vasily Nikolaev, general director of Protect-My-Bike, first place winner at “Battle of the Startups,” in one of the most globally renowned incubators of 500 startups in San Francisco.

Satoshi Nakamoto Republic is a virtual republic from Kiev, which creates and brings together virtual cities with the help of augmented reality technology. Its creators Andrei Moroz and Yulia Osaulenko propose adding 3D objects (including ads) to their created virtual world network. During their visit to the USA they installed virtual monuments in several American cities; New York, Mountain View, Stanford, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The startup FinCloud, also with Ukrainian roots, is a merger of classic banking and innovative tools, managing the global movement of capital into the digital world. Added to the reliability of traditional banking are speed, convenience and the transparency of blockchain decisions on a mobile operating platform. Before the creation of his product, 46-year-old startup founder Sergey Scherbin had the chance to work in several Ukrainian banks, and today offers his revolutionary development to American investors in the financial sphere.

Besides the above-mentioned companies presented at the Battle Of The Startups in Silicon Valley was Younk Industries LLC, the first label of sound recordings using blockchain technology for the promotion and support of users. Its mission – to modernize the music industry and help artists get heard. Music fans take part in the financing of future hits in exchange for the artists’ rights to ready tracks. Younk has already raised $2.5 million in private investments.

Ruslan Gurzhiy, Slavic Sacramento