Congressional Candidate Yuriy Seretskiy Passes Polygraph Test


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Yuri Seretskiy, an immigrant from Moldova currently residing in Sacramento, is going to run for Congress in 2016. Seretskiy, a former mayoral candidate for the city of Roseville, announced the news in an interview with Slavic Sacramento. To prove his honesty to his potential voters Yuri took a polygraph test.

In order to prove his honesty and loyalty, the congressional candidate took a polygraph test, which has never been done before in a political campaign in the USA. The Polygraph test was performed by one of the Sacramento’s leading private investigation company Ultimate Edge Investigations.

“Our police officers take them (polygraph and I think our congressman in the much powerful position and authority then any police officer,” says investigator David Bryan Elkins from a Ultimate Edge Investigation, company located in Sacramento. “So I thing this is a good way to improve our country. Get people honest that’s what we complain about, dishonesty of politicians. Maybe this is going to be change for the better”.

The future congressional candidate calls for all registered voters in District 6 to come together and win this election in order to “create a precedent and enter the big politics of the New World”.

A Moldovan native from Sacramento to run for US Congress

A Moldovan native from Sacramento to run for US Congress

“I believe we just made history”, says detective Elkins, “he passed the polygraph, there was no deception indicated and that relative to not being bought out by special interests and businesses, and representing the people instead, which is representatives supposed to do!”

David Bryan Elkins is a retired police officer from Stockton police department. He worked for the Stockton PD for good number of years, but now he’s out of all benefits for life so of all retired police officers and all of the people that retired from City of Stockton. In his opinion this is disaster for the region and this is what American people waiting for the country.

“When I started there it was great police department, we fought a lot of crime and it was great challenging rewarding job, –  the city of Stockton is now bankrupt, as of result of that I’ve lost all of my medical and dental benefits!  And that’s simply weren’t honest and they weren’t representing the people and they went bankrupt! This is what people waiting for the country, if we don’t get honest representation!”

In order to have an efficient democracy, the leaders must be consistently knowledgeable about the needs and desires of their constituents, a certain dialogue must be established, but in order for these discussions to happen, there must be a certain amount of trust inherent in the relationship. If elected to become the next US congressman, transparency and trust will be the things that he places a high value on, because Yuriy recognizes how poorly government officials can perform without them.

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“Modern politicians have become masters of manipulation, saying only the things that voters want to hear in order to score their next election. As a community, we must remember that throughout their lies and unfilled promises, we are still the employers of these plighted politicians and are therefore able to ask for their resignation. We deserve a politician that plays by the rules with his honesty: do you think all elected officials would agree to a lie detector test?”

Yuri Seretskiy was born in Kishinev, the capital of Moldova, one of the former Soviet republics. In 1995 he moved to California at the age of 19. Currently he lives in Sacramento and works in computer and construction industries. He earned a black belt in karate. Seretskiy is an associate of The Symbol of Success, a company that organizes record events for the Guinness World Records book.

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