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Slavic, Ukrainian, Russian news in USA, as well as in Sacramento, California. The Slavic Sacramento (SlavicSac.com) is the only online source that publishes daily Russian news in California. On average, SlavicSac.com is visited by up to 200,000 readers monthly, and our viewership is growing.


Sacramento wants more control over homeschools

On Monday outside Sacramento’s Capitol building a protest took place against a bill passed by the Assembly of California that will increase supervision over...
fire kemerovo russia

Sacramento’s residents are helping victims of fire in Kemerevo, Russia

In March 2018, a tragedy occurred in the Russian city of Kemerovo - a fire broke out in a mall that claimed the lives...
Viktor Miroshnichenko

Former Bethany Church Pastor Receives Two Life Sentences for Pedophilia

Viktor Miroshnichenko, one of the former pastors of the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church in Sacramento, received two life sentences and an additional 22 years...
Sokil Family

Couple, with 10 children, fighting with Social Services to reunite family

Andrej and Natalia Sokil, parents of a family with 10 children from South Carolina, are fighting to reunite their family, separated by the Department...
Адам Бондарук

Bishop Adam Bondaruk is sued in the U.S District court

Читать статью по-русский According to the information acquired by Slavic Sacramento, Pentecostal bishop Adam Bondaruk is being sued in the federal court of California. The...

A Moldovan native from Sacramento to run for US Congress

Читать эту статью по-русский Yuri Seretskiy, an immigrant from Moldova currently residing in Sacramento, is going to run for Congress in 2016. Seretskiy, a former...