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Scientists, doctors and dentists keep reminding us that the human tooth is the only organ lacking the ability to regenerate itself. When an adult’s tooth is lost or broken, the only option is to replace it with an artificial one. However, until recently the procedure was extremely costly, unpleasant and painful. The times are changing. At Dr. Kaplan’s clinic in West Sacramento you can restore your tooth in just a few hours!

We walk into the newly built and modern clinic’s building. The roomy waiting hall is set with comfortable furniture, a big screen TV and a play area for children.

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Alexander Kaplan’s father was a dentist. Alexander himself graduated from the Dental Surgery department of Moscow Dental University. But his education did not stop just then – Alexander continues to study dental technology here in California, improving his knowledge of maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Kaplan became one of the leading dental professionals in Sacramento. His services include “tooth crowns in one day” and “laser teeth whitening in one hour”, as well as cosmetic dentistry. For twenty years Dr. Kaplan’s office has been helping people get rid of bad breath and needless pain, giving irresistible smiles to all its patients.

Dr. Alexander Kaplan is president and chief officer of a North California dental clinic network. One of his clinics is located in Roseville, another one in West Sacramento. In a short period of 1.5 years the West Sacramento branch earned its reputation of one of the city’s best medical offices.

Contributing to the success are a team of educated and talented employees, a large modern building and a convenient location – close to an IKEA store, a Walmart store and a large shopping mall.

The clinic possesses the latest in dental technology, including equipment for making instant tooth crowns (CEREC), invisible orthodontics from Invisalign, ZOOM! professional teeth whitening and much more.

Dr. Oxana Boyetchko, who works in the West Sacramento office, shows us the exciting process of creating artificial teeth right in the clinic’s own lab.

“It takes our equipment literally ten minutes to mill an implant, a crown, a veneer, or even a whole bridge, – tells Oxana during our walk-through. – You don’t need to wait for weeks for an expensive cast anymore; dental implants can now be done in a single visit!”

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Oxana graduated from Portland State University, worked in Oregon for a long time as a Professor of Dental Medicine, then moved to Sacramento where she has been serving our community for 4 years. She worked as a leading specialist at Elite Dentistry Clinic in Pasadena, and also taught oral medicine to the students of UCLA School of Dentistry. She earned her reputation of a prominent professional participating in unique projects involving growing bone transplants from patient’s stem cells. Today Oxana Boyetchko, a doctor with 15 years of experience, serves the people of West Sacramento.

While the doctor walks us through the clinic’s rooms, a 3D scanner creates an image of the patient’s mouth cavity. Next the image is sent to the milling module of the CEREC system where a custom crown is created. The entire process takes around 2 hours, which saves the client substantial time and money.

“Only 8% of American clinics possess such technology, – says Dr. Kaplan. – This equipment helps our specialists correct even a most neglected case!”

The clever machine makes a unique sound, et voila! – a new ceramic crown is done. The patient leaves the clinic happy!

You can make an appointment for teeth cleaning, whitening and other services, including laser dentistry, on our website www.EurekaDental.com. Eureka Dental also offers preventive and cosmetic therapy, plastic and fiber implants, bone augmentation, non-metallic fillings and, of course, tooth removal and brackets!

Our office in West Sacramento is located at 759 IKEA Ct., Suite #110, West Sacramento, CA 95605, phone 916-737-5121. The Roseville office is at 1623 Eureka Rd., Roseville, CA 95661, phone 916-783-2273.

Take care of your teeth!

Ruslan Gurzhiy, SlavicSac.com