Suicide of Adam Bondaruk: “The bishop has no clothes!”


Slavic Sacramento obtained additional information about the death of Pentecostal Bishop Adam Bondaruk, founder of the Union of Evangelical Christians of America and the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church.


According to the coroner’s extended examination report, during an examination of the body of the deceased, a strangulation mark from a cord was found on his neck – “ligature on neck”.

The document also states that at the time of the examination of the body, it was without clothes – “The body is clothed – No”.

According to the doctor carrying the examination, “rigor mortis” (stiffening of the joints and muscles of a body a few hours after death, usually lasting from one to four days) was recorded.

In the case of A. Bondaruk, the medical expert also determined “Livor mortis”, also known as post-mortem lividity or post-mortem hypostasis, refers to the pooling of blood in the lower portion, or dependent parts, of the body after death. This results in a dark purple discoloration of the skin.

The external examination report also describes “petechial hemorrhages”, areas of pericapillary bleeding, ruptures of the (microscopic) capillaries that provide blood to the body’s cells. 

Additionally, the report of the Sacramento Metro Fire, which arrived on the scene at 7:35 am on August 14, 2022, states that the body of the deceased was found “in the backyard of the house” where the bishop lived.

“Patient was placed on ground and assessed… While E54 firefighter made coroner contact E54 Captain and Engineer obtained a past and present medical history and remaining demographics… Patient was left on ground in backyard with blanket for coroners arrival.”

Here, we consider it necessary to provide a transcript of a telephone conversation between 911 dispatcher and one of the sons of the deceased bishop:

Dispatcher: Ok, tell me exactly what happened.

Son: Uhm… My mom and dad live together… and she woke up, and he hanged himself.

Dispatcher: Ok. Are you there with them right now?

Son: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Ok, I’m sending the paramedics right now, stay on the line. OK? Are you able to loosen the noose to cut him down?

Son: No… My mother didn’t try… it’s like a… it’s not a rope, it’s like a cord. So… we didn’t… I don’t know… we figured, you guys will come and do it.

Dispatcher: OK, how old is he?

Son: He’s old. He turned 80 yesterday.

Dispatcher: Ok. I can give you CPR instructions…

Son:’s been like… My mom said he is up two hours.

Dispatcher: I just want to confirm we are sending help to [address redacted], correct?

Son: Correct.

Dispatcher: OK. And you don’t believe we should do CPR?

Son: No… [illegibly], all night… I mean… Yeah…we have multiple family here. So…it’s…

Manager: OK. Go ahead and leave everything as it is, and make sure everyone steps outside. And when you see paramedics pull up, go ahead and flag them down. Ok?

Son: Sounds good, thank you.

Dispatcher: I’m sorry for your loss… Alright, bye-bye!

Earlier, the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church administration responded to our report of the suicide of Bishop Bondaruk, stating that “during the funeral of its former Senior Pastor Adam Bondaruk, Bethany Leadership was not aware of his medical cause of death. The leadership was simply informed that Adam Bondaruk died on August 14, 2022 at his home”.

To date, Slavic Sacramento received information about several cases of suicide in the religious immigrant community of Sacramento, details will follow. 

Ruslan Gurzhiy,

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