Russian-speaking Republican official from Oregon arrested in Washington, D.C.

In Washington, during an attack on the building of the U.S. Capitol, Russian-speaking residents of Oregon – 28-year-old Kristina Malimon and 54-year-old Evgenia Malimon – were arrested. The latter is Kristina’s mother, the media reported. Both arrested women are religious refugees from Moldova, former Soviet republic, a small state in Eastern Europe.

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The police of Washington D.C. confirmed to Slavic Sacramento the information about the arrest of Kristina and Eugenia Malimon. According to this information, both women were charged with violating curfews and illegal entry. Both detainees are reported to be residents of Oregon.

According to Oregon media, Christina is an activist in the Republican Party and actively advocates for traditional values. In particular, the young woman is a Multnomah County Republican Party delegate and vice chairman of Oregon Young Republicans. On her Instagram, you can find numerous quotes from the Bible, as well as mentions of various conspiracy theories.

Kristina often poses with senior officials from the administration of Donald Trump on her social media. In particular, the other day she published a photo with Roger Stone, recently pardoned by Trump. She also posted a photo with Donald Trump Jr.

Kristina claims that Donald Trump won the presidential election 2020 and calls the election procedure corrupt.

According to Buzzfeed, Christina was one of the organizers of a Trump Boat Parade, held last summer on the Willamette River in Portland. During that event, one of the yachts sank, however, fortunately, no one was injured.

Earlier it was reported about a detainee near the U.S. Capitol, who demanded a Russian interpreter. American journalists assume that that detainee is Kristina’s mother, Evgenia Malimon. Kristina’s family is from Moldova and, as the young woman says, her ancestors suffered persecution from the Soviet regime for their faith. In particular, her great-grandfather “was arrested for believing in God and later he was killed in prison”.

During last year’s protests of people from Antifa and BLM in Dakota, in an interview with the Russian TV channel “Vesti” (Russia state-controlled media), Kristina claimed that representatives of the liberal movement bribed left-wing radical protesters “in order to carry out pogroms.”

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