Commercial dumpster fire at parking lot of Peace to Israel church


About 5 PM this past Monday, a medium-intensity fire broke out in the parking lot of the Peace to Israel Messianic Congregation on Fair Oaks Boulevard in Carmichael.

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A Slavic Sacramento journalist reported a trailer loaded with construction debris caught fire for unknown reasons. The trailer, belonging to All Sides Exterior, Inc., a construction company, was seen ablaze close to the road. According to a Captain from the Sacramento Metro Fire Department, the flames did not do any substantial damage to the nearby buildings.

The staff of All Sides Exterior, Inc. refused to discuss the origin of the fire.

During a live broadcast on Facebook, one of their staff assaulted the Slavic Sacramento journalist and tried to take away his iPhone.

During this hot season, firefighters remind the public about the dangers of open fires in residential areas or near vegetation.